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Zhejiang Biyork Wood Co.,Ltd is a modern flooring enterprise integrating product research, manufacture and after-sale service,it established in 1997, occupies an area of 100,00 square meters,the total investment is more than 0.1 billion RNB.the company has first-class leading production equipment and professional production workshop;its annual output volume is more than 10 million square meters.After its establishment and with several years'development,now it has become alarge professional flooring enterprise with knowledgeable employees,scientific management, modern sense and technical leading products.                      more >

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六合宝典Company:Zhejiang Biyork Wood Co。,Ltd

Add:Overseas Chinese Investment Zone, Nanxun,Huzhou,Zhejiang,China


六合宝典Toll free Number: 400-889-5988

Tel: +86-572-3087777


E-mail: info@biyork。com

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